Double slope

SMC16SMC16SMC16The Double slope building system is the traditional system used for the construction of wide mesh industrial buildings (10.00-12.50 m x 15.00-25.00 m). It uses the double grade slope of the reinforced prestressed concrete beam to convey the rain to the gutters (precast in prestressed concrete) and from them to the water downpipes and finally to the pillars.

The roof system is made by secondary elements/purlins which support the thermo-insulating covering slabs.

It is possible to improve the covering system by using, alternatively to purlins, light TT slab elements in prestressed concrete on which the insulating, waterproof system is laid using insulating materials and steel or fibre cement sheets.

Pillars are blocked at the base in the foundation, with the possibility of achieving consoles all along the height in order to have internal floor slabs in which the components are the multi-level system types or which are simply aimed at supporting the beams for bridge cranes trolleys or others.

The system offers the possibility of inserting skylights and/or smoke and heat extractors easily.

This system can be applied ideally in regular shaped buildings with medium-large dimension (from 1,000 to 2,000 m2).

All the concrete structures have a fire-proof resistance of more than 120 minutes without any further treatment.