Multi-level system

The SICEP TUNISIE construction systems relating to the multi-level buildings are ideal for the following features:

  •  Building with wide structural mesh;
  •  Number of levels between 2 and 5;
  •  Max height 20 m;
  •  High overload capacity;
  •  Fire resistance;
  •  Regular shape;
  •  Cost/quality best ratio.

These systems are thought and tailored for the building of directional centres, industrial and/or commercial buildings, multi-purpose buildings and car parks.

They are adopted all over Europe in order to realize large commercial areas in a short time.

They guarantee quality and flexibility to the plan.

DENIM4DENIM4DENIM4The building systems for multi-level surfaces are widely used in seismic areas where the vertical connecting elements between the floors, made with the traditional methods (stairs modules, lifts, septaetc.) have a strengthening function.

The typical mesh of the system provides a main direction and a secondary one.

The main mesh type is included between 7.50 and 10.00 m, the secondary mesh type between 10,00 and 20,00 m.

The system is self-supporting and does not need any provisional stanchions. It includes:

  • Full height pillars in reinforced concrete blocked at the base in the foundation and providing   consoles to which are hinged the beams.
  • Main beams in reinforced or prestressed concrete with inversed T section (TR-TL), hinged on the consoles of the pillars.
  • Slab elements in prestressed concrete in TT or large V section, placed along the major span, hinged on the main beams and completed by a concrete slab of a thickness between 8 and 15 cm, to be placed on site.
  • Secondary beams in reinforced or prestressed concrete with a rectangular section placed on both mesh directions as a closure of the slab modules.